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DUTA rejects Choice-Based Credit System, protests

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Being considered another experiment, this time attempted by the University Grants Commission (UGC) on all central universities across India, the Choice-Based Credit System has come under fire by the teaching fraternity with the Delhi University Teachers’ Association actively protesting against these new guidelines. This new system is being viewed as a close relative of the much-debated FYUP and is facing similar criticism.

Various protests have been organised by student and teacher associations at massive scales against the implementation of this new structure. The most recent protest march against the credit system was organised in North Campus on 12th March, which eventually culminated at the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station.

DUTA has been arguing that this situation is similar to the one that arised during the implementation of the Four Year Undergraduate Program which was pushed through without thorough consideration and discussion with the teaching faculty. This new system essentially involves using a grading system and not specific percentages like status quo. The plan is to implement this system from the next academic year, i.e. 2015-16.

However, the main concern is that of experimentation with students, who are being subjected to new structural changes every year.

“The university is pushing a completely different structure just before the commencement of the new academic year. It’s a new system with new syllabus and is being expected to be implemented while the faculty and staff shall be busy with the semester exams. DU has not drawn any proposal. It’s ironic that the same UGC which vehemently opposed the FYUP is now pushing CBCS,” said Prof. Abha Dev Habib, a member of the DU Executive Council.

“This breathless pace of reforms is making higher education in DU meaningless and destroying the academic environment of DU,” she added.

Image Credits: DUTA’s website

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