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5 reasons why you should watch How to Get Away with Murder

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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ is a crime – thriller show which revolves around Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her team of associates and law students. In this series, they attempt to find out who murdered a university student, and entangle themselves in yet another murder plot. This show came to an end with a thrilling cliff-hanger. The co-creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes, otherwise known for making hit TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal once again left us biting our nails in suspense. (Spoiler Alert: It ended with yet another murder!)

The show has gathered immense popularity over a little period of time. But what makes How to Get Away with Murder stand out of all the other shows? Here’s the answer:


Diverse and talented cast

From Viola Davis, a twice Oscar nominee to Alfred Enoch, a child artist who starred in the Harry Potter series, the cast is a huge one and extremely talented. Interestingly, Tom Verica, the actor who plays Annalise’s husband, Sam Keating, was one of the directors of Shonda Rhimes’ unarguably most acclaimed series Grey’s Anatomy.

How to get away with murder- the incomparable cast


Strong characters that break stereotypes

Annalise Keating played by Viola Davis is a strong black woman who owns a legal firm and holds lectures at Middleton University on criminal law, or what she calls “How to get away with murder”. Other strong and unconventional characters are Connor Walsh, an ambitious gay law student with unique ways to get work done and Frank, Annalise’s personal ‘hitman’.



Character deaths

Tired of your favourite characters dying in every other TV show? Unfortunately, this show is no different. However in this show, if your character dies, they don’t really ‘die’. Every episode is centred on thrilling flashbacks so never be disappointed when your favourite character is killed, you’ll see them in the coming episodes anyway!

#WhoKilledSam afterall?


Amazing cliffhangers

Finally figured out the mystery of the season/episode? Well, here’s a fun fact –  you’re wrong! Not only do the writers prove the viewer wrong in the ending of each episode, they add a suspense filled reveal in the last 5 minutes which will keep you waiting for the next Thursday for another episode!

It doesn’t really end at it, does it?


Law and crime combination

The title of the show really proves itself. Not only does it tell you how you’d get away with a crime by burying the evidence against you, it teaches you how to discredit the witness and introduce new suspects. Basically, it covers all the legal and investigative stages of a crime.


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