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The Final Year Conundrum: Thinking about life after graduation

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“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both…


I hardly ever read these lines more deferentially before I found myself in a similar situation to Frost’s that made him compose this verse. Some wise man once said that life is all about the choices we make. But how do we make the choices when you’ve got so many? Choices that are all equally tempting but you don’t know which one to embrace!

Job or Higher Studies? Passion or Profession? If you’ve been caught off guard by any of these questions, coming either from family or a friend when you’re nearing the graduation day, you’re not alone. There are many of us sailing in the same boat with different compasses, each pointing towards different directions.

Looking back at the past 3 years, at the phenomenal journey, I wonder about the impending destination. Is the goal which I strived for three years ago what I really want or do I need to rotate the wheel of the ship to pursue what I want to achieve now? The reality is, I never accounted for the changes and evolution that I underwent through graduation and how college has carved out a different personality from the person I was in school.

The chaos creeps into my mind whenever I hear somebody applying for some entrance exam or grooming themselves for job interviews. I still wonder if getting a job that pays well is more important than an unpaid internship that helps me pursue my passion.  This is where the picture of ‘life after graduation’ becomes messier, with the expectations of what society expects from you and what you expect from yourself fighting against each other justifying their own rationale in shaping your future.

I know the plethora of questions cannot be escaped easily since after graduation we’re under the scanner of society waiting to make you realise that you need to be responsible and decisive to lead a respectable adult life. Graduating is a part of growing up and so is the task of making a choice. Sacrificing some things to gain something else has always been the bitter truth.

I know I need to choose the road soon for my future, but standing where I am right now is something I’ll cherish forever. This is where I take a decision that may or may not have some impact on my life after 20-30 years.  Whether it’s going to be the road less travelled by or the beaten path will be decided by each of us. The thing is, just some want to enjoy the destination while some want to enjoy the journey!

A final year B. Com Hons. student at Delhi College of Arts & Commerce. When asked to describe myself, I simply wonder what static thing to tell about me because I believe life is always a perpetual self exploring journey. I take as gospel the fact that books are written to be treasured, movies and tv series to be revered and entertain and music to be cherished for a blissful course to take delights in our lives. One can contact me at [email protected] or tweet @simply_arushi

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