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KMC wins group singing competition on Day 2 of Shruti 2015, IPCW

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After an action packed first day, day 2 of Shruti, the annual cultural fest of Indraprastha College for Women hosted several exciting events and competitions. The fest came to an end with an EDM night by DJ Aditya after much fanfare.

Taboo, the event organised by Oghma-The English Editorial Society saw 13 teams compete in the first round. Each team was given 7  general words with some Taboo-ed words. They had to make their partner guess the words without speaking out the Taboo words. The round saw lots of funny explanations and answers, and the event kept the fun element alive. 7 teams qualified to the second round and 4 to the third. The final two rounds raised the difficulty level as the participants had to guess names of specific characters, words and books with very constricting rules. In the end, three teams emerged victorious; First position went to Lavanya and Minal, Second to Shaonlee and Avani, and Third to Samira and Panya. There were participants from colleges like IIT-Delhi and St. Stephen’s College as well.

The Eco club along with the NSS of the college, organised a newspaper dressing competition. 16 teams across all colleges of DU participated actively and creatively in the competition. The competition saw creativity at its best, what with a number of teams opting to design a gown or a cocktail dress out of the newspapers, while one of them opted for a south-Indian traditional costume. One team made a costume of a prince from the eighteenth century Britain. Zakir Hussain College (Morning) bagged the first prize with their cocktail dress replete with frills, while IP college won the second prize for the look designed with the dress, and all accessories from footwear to bouquet to tiara. Third prize went to Sri Venkateswara College for the costume of a prince.

Hindi Debating society held a competition on the topic, “Inspite of the advancement of various means of effective expression and communication, there has been a degradation in the quality of effective expression.” Everyone talked about how effective communication is one which reaches the receiver, is understood by them and then their feedback is taken. Another unusual point discussed was how effective communication brought about a change in Nirbhaya case! Winners included Sonal Nigam from SGTB Khalsa, Nihita from IP college, Ratan Kumar from SGTB Khalsa as first, second and third prizes respectively. Best interjector was Rajkumar from SGND Khalsa.

Aalap, the classical music society organised Ninaad 2015 (group singing competition). There were a plethora of soulful renditions spanning all forms of classical music. First prize was bagged by KMC. The second prize went to Miranda house. Daulat Ram bagged the third.

Abhivyakti, the dramatics society organised Chauraha, the competitive street play competition. The theatre teacher at Manavsthali School and Mr. Neel Sengupta were the judges. With around 10 street play theatre teams participating in the event, it was a major crowd-puller. Abhivyakti members introduced each college’s street play team stating the teams’ dialogues, which was a major fun element. Gargi college won the first prize. SGTB Khalsa stole the show with the overall second prize and best performance and best music awards to its credit. Shivaji college won the third prize. Best Performers awards were given to Guneet Singh Nanda (SGTB Khalsa) and Shefali Vyas (Gargi College) Special mention went to Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. Other colleges performed equally well. Hansraj College performed a play on how our opinions are not entirely our own & are influenced by society, parents and friends.

Day 2 of Shruti ended with an EDM night with DJ Aditya and DJ Gauri who played both EDM and popular Bollywood music for more than 2000 students. They took selfies with the audience and enthralled everyone with a lively performance.


Writers: Kritika Narula, Ayesha Sareen and Surbhi Arora

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