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Beyond the Obvious – Maitreyi College

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Maitreyi College, one of the star colleges of DU, is also one of the most beautiful colleges in south campus. As you enter the gate, the red brick building alongside a plush green garden laden with flowers welcomes you. The direct neighbours of JMC, Maitreyi has its own virtues to flaunt.

Maitreyi has been awarded with the ‘Best Garden award’ in DU, and to uphold its standards the gardeners are often seen working hard in the front lawns. Maitreyi has two major fields, along with many small pockets of greenery, all of which are maintained well by the authorities.

As one walks straight ahead through the gates, they are greeted by a long stone passage, dividing into three paths, each leading to a different block. The science block is the biggest in size, having separate labs and classrooms for physics, chemistry, botany and zoology departments. The library block comes next in size, where the library is extended into two floors containing everything from everyday journals to books on each course the college offers. It has separate reading rooms and an internet lab for the convenience of the students.

The college has a beautiful stone Amphitheatre, where the societies can often be seen practicing. Maitreyi has a total of 9 societies, including Western dance, Indian music, Fashion and Dramatics to name a few. The college also has a very active sports cell, offering students training in basketball, baseball and athletics among other sports.  Whenever someone visits Maitreyi, they are always advised to try the famous Bhel puri and Chole kulche from the canteen among other food items available, and the Mother Dairy keeps most of the students hydrated in the summers.

Maitreyi also stands out due to its proximity with Satyaniketan market, the hub of south campus. The market which boasts of food joints such as Big Yellow door, The Chocolate Room and Pizza Hut among various others, is just a 10 minutes’ walk from the college. Another known place to hang out near Maitreyi is the CCD opposite Taj Hotel, known to be bustling with college students at all times.

If you ever happen to visit Maitreyi, you’ll be intrigued by its calm beauty among the natural abundance, only to be broken by the sound of laughter from the student and staff at all times.

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