Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Dr. Suman Sharma to join Lady Shri Ram College as the Principal

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Almost six months after Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath retired as the Principal of Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Dr. Suman Sharma would be joining as the Principal of the college. Dr. Sharma will officially address the students of the college tomorrow i.e. 4th March, 2015.

Dr. Suman Sharma had previously been serving as an Officer on Special Duty Principal for Dyal Singh College Evening. She belongs to background of Political Science, much like the previous principal. She was nominated as the principal of Lady Shri Ram College from a shortlist of twelve candidates which included personalities like Dr. Alka Sharma, Dr. Shobha Bhaghai and Dr. Krishna Menon.

Dr. Sharma would be taking over the position of Dr. Gopinath, a position she had held for 27 years. Dr. Gopinath has left a vast legacy behind her and is revered in the College and University. She was the first woman to serve on National Security Advisory Board of India.  Read about the retirement of Dr. Gopinath.

DU Beat wishes Dr. Sharma a wonderful journey of Lady Shri Ram College for women.





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