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Day 2 at Antardhvani showcases CIC projects, instrumental music and folk dance

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The second day of Antardhvani had competitions like folk dance, instrumental music and group song lined up. Along with that, the Innovation Plaza and Clustre Innovation Centre showcased the work and research of the students for visitors to learn more about.

The Cluster Innovation Centre on the patio that took place on the second day of the University fest Antardhvani was eye catching and resourceful. It was nothing but a room full of innovative ideas. The volunteers were very helpful and went out of their way in order to help the people understand the various projects they have been working on.

Some of the interesting projects were the “Digital Reconstruction of Lost Arts and Craft”. Through this project the students wanted to revive the lost arts and art work that have been lost in time through 3D modelling, laser scanning method and digital tracing. The objective of this project is to undo the damage done to the ancient art work by using latest technology and to promote the concept of viewing art virtual through virtual museums. Another innovation project is the “Modelling Metro Feeder Bus Service in North Campus”.

This project works for the easy accessibility of commuting for students who find it difficult to travel by rickshaws everyday.The model comprises certain important pointers like the bus sizes, time charts, pocket friendly fares and alternative routes. This project will reduce the chaos caused by the rickshaw walas, specially outside the metro and will make travelling easier.The innovation centre also had a section on proper junk management in the university. The interesting part about every project was the fact that they put up charts, diagrams, model diagrams and mathematical diagrams that gave all the visitors a better understanding of the project.

The Group Song took place in the indoor stadium and it attracted an enthusiastic crowd that cheered and clapped along with the performers. All the seats on the ground floor and the ones on the next level , on either sides were packed. In total there were seven groups who performed on the day. The performers were from Shaheed Rajguru college, Miranda House, Aditi Mahavidyalaya, NCWEB, CIC, IP College and Dayal Singh. The last performance by Acharya Narendra Dev College witnessed a huge uproar from the audience. It wasnt exactly in the form of a typical group song as it comprised of a male and female vocalist while the rest played their respective instruments. They performed a song named “Madari” which has a very catchy tone and they performed it beautifully. The Group song ended with this last performance on a good note.

The Instrumental Music Competition saw participants/teams perform either individually or in teams of 2. Each team was given a bracket of 5 minutes: 2 for sound check and 3 for performance. While most of the participants strung the tunes of their guitars, some participants played the keyboard,  the sitar, the santur and 2 teams fused flute and guitar together. As the harmonious and melodious renditions of ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna‘ , ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram‘ and ‘Tum Hi Ho‘ filled the air, a serene atmosphere was created, interrupted only by the applause. First, Second and Third positions went to Shashank (Flute), Somitra Thakur (Sitar) and Dhruv Kumar (Keyboard) respectively.

The Folkdance Competition witnessed an overflow of audience at the venue. The most colorful and energetic event amongst all saw 14 groups perform. Each team was supposed to perform for only 5 minutes, and could have only 6-12 members. Folkdances from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Maharashtra were brought to stage. Koli, Dandiya, Bhadhai, Bhangra and Ghoomar won a lot of applause for their coordination and song choices. Lutti, Gidda and Bhangra were performed on live music and drumbeats. Three different Marathi folkdances were exhibited namely Koli, Dhangari and Lavani. The enthralling performances brought forth the 3 winners. First position went to Mukul and team’s Bhangra(Devnagar Khalsa), Second to Kriti and group’s Badhai (Gargi college) and Third postion went to Anmol and group’s Gidda.

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Image credits: Kashish Madan for DU Beat

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