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 A Publishing House of our own:  The Delhi University Press

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st April, 1961. DUP received a maintenance grant from 1961 to 1974. But, the account has been commercial since 1974. It is situated right next to the Computer Centre in the Delhi University premises. Delhi University Press takes up the responsibility of printing, binding and any other related work required by any department, college, hostel, centre, etc. belonging to the Delhi University. As of now, it prints answer books, degrees, envelopes. Binding and re-binding of results, salary bills and other related work are being outsourced through approved printers. In order to get a printing order, one needs to collect a ‘printing order form’ from the Delhi University Press office. The form is also available on the official website of DU. The order should be submitted fifteen days in advance if the soft copy isn’t provided, duly signed by the HOD. The department is then provided with only three proofs and the final proof must be submitted within 24 hours.

The copies of the final proof start getting published only after its approval from the department and are delivered in about 3-30 days.
Once the department receives the complete printing order, it is supposed to verify the quality/quantity. The bills are processed after the verification and the order can also be collected from DUP office. At the present moment, DUP faces lack of infrastructure and staff. The sanctioned staff strength is 95 but only 16 people are working there. DUP has maintained two kinds of printing charges since its account is commercial.
The first printing rate is the one charged to the departments and the second one is the one paid to the printers.
There is a certain amount of profit that the Press gains through these rates which is used to meet the financial requirement of the employees and other expenditures. The University highly recommends all the colleges to get their printing work done by DUP alone unless the Press Manager himself refuses to undertake the work. Delhi University Press has been instrumental in handling the printing work of the Delhi University despite its immensity and continues to fulfil its purposes.]]>

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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