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The various pages of Delhi University: Facebook edition

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There are ample ‘University of Delhi’ related pages on Facebook and the numbers are increasing day by day. From official updates to candid (and often silly) confessions, you name it and you get it through these pages. Here, we would like to list a few:


University Of Delhi (Official Page)

It is the official page with all the official details for the students, staff, alumni and prospective students of DU. It provides the links to the website and information centre as well. Furthermore, with 705,837 FB likes, this page proves that you definitely earn brownie points for authenticity.


University of Delhi Central Placement Cell

As the name suggests, this page is meant for the placement seekers of DU. Companies which visit the campus for recruitment purposes are advertised on this page with the details of desired qualifications from candidates and specifications of the selection process. Since its inception on 17 September 2008, this page has gathered 12,176 likes so far. A rare feature is that it provides a telephone number for the placement cell as well.


University Of Delhi South Campus

Similar to the estrangement of the South Campus colleges from the University’s clustered North Campus ones is the separate and independent webpage of the South Campus. Although its popularity may be judged from the 3,050 FB likes that it has accumulated, we doubt its cognizance amongst the University’s students.

University of Delhi Students and Confessions Page/ Delhi University Confessions

Right after the inception of the Delhi Metro Confessions page, Facebook witnessed a tsunami of such confessions pages for every random institution imaginable. Why then should our prestigious Delhi University not live up to the trend? DU has numerous (obviously unofficial) confessions pages for students to publicise their embarrassments (and historic love affairs) on. We stumbled upon two such pages with secret admins, around 3000 likes each and a lot of hilarious confessions.

DU Confessions

This page is worth a separate mention due to its astounding lack of popularity of only 9 likes on Facebook.

DU Beat

With 140,034 FB likes, yes, we are definitely popular. Apart from providing titbits about every nook and cranny of DU, we connect with the students on the personal level through our column Around The Campus where our photographers move around the campus to capture views and moments of students on campus life.

Delhi University Tips

This page caters to school students who aspire to be a part of the University.


Apart from university centric pages, there are a few Facebook pages devoted to the concept of the popular ‘Humans Of New York’ page by Brandon Stanton. Two such Indian adaptations are Humans of Delhi, being the most popular with 26, 228 likes and Humans of Delhi with a contrasting mere 54 likes.

Ishani Rajkhowa is a student of Economics Honors at MLNC. She wishes to build a career in Economics while enjoying writing/journalism as a hobby. She believes writing has immense power and has also been a concrete tool in her work for animal welfare to which she is truly devoted since the dawn of her college life. Ishani has diverse interests which includes an inquisitive attitude towards history, politics and she can often be seen engrossed in the TOI app in her phone. She knows the right balance between work, fun and family(including her dogs who are dearest to her).

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