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Reverie 2015 culminates with a performance of Bollywood artist Anushka Manchanda

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GlassEye, the Filmmaking society of Gargi College organised a Bollywood Quiz on Day – III of their annual festival Reverie 2015. The event witnessed participation of about 18 teams from Delhi University. The first prize was won by ‘PratyushaYadav and team’ from Kamala Nehru College. The second prize was bagged by ‘Victor and team’ from Kirori Mal College. The Quiz was followed by a screening of Argo, an Oscar-winning movie.

The Western Music Society of Gargi College, Euphony also conducted a Western Group Song competition. It was judged by Mr. Sherry Matthews and Ms. Jasmine Batton.  Lady Shri Ram College bagged the first position, followed by St. Stephen’s College. The third prize was shared by Kirori Mal and Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.


Intriguing (and bizarre) informal events added to the enigma of the last day of Reverie 2015.Bon Appe’tit was an event that consisted of multiple knockout rounds. Participants had to eat as much as they could in a specific amount of time.

With this, ‘Thumka’, group folk dance competition was organised by Nazakat, the Indian dance society of the college. The event saw a very enthusiastic participation by various teams. Within no time, Bhangra beats and Garba melodies filled the auditorium and the crowd could be seen swaying and cheering with the pulsating music. The participants too were extremely exhilarated to perform for such a supportive and active audience.

“You’re already very nervous for your performance. When the crowd is responsive, you get an impulse to perform better. All the cheering and applause motivates you to bring out your best in the performance.”, said Guramrit of Mata Sundari College and Avni of Indraprastha College for Women.

The event was judged by Dr. Rashmi Bhardwaj, teacher convener of Nazakat and Ms. Havisha Agnihotri, a Kathak performer and Fold dance specialist.

As the sun reached closer to the horizon, a huge crowd could be seen flocking towards the Main Stage where the star attraction of Reverie 2015, Anushka Manchanda, was scheduled to perform. The footfall was impressive and the crowd was managed somewhat appropriately. Punctually, Anushka Manchanda took over the stage as the last streaks of sunlight faded. Beginning with evergreen tunes of ‘Hamma Hamma’, she moved on to her all time favourites which included the title song of ‘Dil Chahta hai’ and the hit 90’s song ‘Ole Ole’ which made the crowd hysterical with enthusiasm.

folk3 anucro

Furthermore, her own Bollywood chartbusters like ‘Dum Maaro Dum’, ‘Aunty ji’ and ‘Dance Basanti’ infused the audience with a whole new level of vigour. With this, the energy she exhibited in her performance and the connection she made with the audience was widely praised. The Union members were welcomed on the stage to join the celebration.


The thumping drum beats of one of the most favourite songs of all Indians, ‘Ishq Tera Tadpaave’ with the added touch of fireworks in the sky proved to be the perfect culmination to the three day event. A note of thanks for Anushka Manchanda was delivered by the principal Dr. Shashi Tyagi and the former was urged to perform a couple of more songs on audience’s demand. Reverie 2015 ended on a note of contentment as the collective efforts of all the members involved all through these days paid off well!

Winners Tally

Handy with a racer
1st– Maria and Rebeka from Jesus and Mary College
2nd– Sneha and Stanzin from Gargi  College
3rd– Anjali and Varsha from Gargi College

Western Music Group
1st– Lady Shri Ram College
2nd– St. Stephen’s College
3rd– Kirori Mal and ShaheedSukhdev College of Business Studies


Bon Appe’tit

1st– AnmolGoyal from ShaheedBhagat Singh College

2nd– Shradha from Gargi College

Photgraphy Credits: Chirag Sharma for DU Beat.

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