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1UP Food Review- Why you should try their waffles right away!

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1UP is a small café located within walking distance from the Civil Lines Metro Station. Built where a Mocha’s branch used to exist, it is a café with a comforting and relaxing ambience. It has plenty of space to accommodate large groups of people. The café cannot be termed economical, but it attracts students nevertheless. We explore the reason!

The menu is made of a wide range of salads, burgers and pizzas, of which the Baked Penne Pasta, Fried Chicken (both costing Rs.315) and Peri Peri Chicken Skewers (Rs.275) are the most popular orders. We ordered the Chicken Penne Arrabiata, Green Apple Mojito and Chocolate Fantasy from their Waffle Stand. The food was fresh and served as per instructions, though we feel they could work more on the quality and the preparation.

The staff is amiable and very helpful – our choice of waffles was their recommendation. The appetizing waffles made up for the slightly disappointing pasta. Of the large variety of dishes they offer, the waffles are the most delicious. They offer apple, cinnamon, banana, toffee and the classic Belgian flavour of waffles amongst others, all within the price range of Rs.225-300.

Considering the place opened in December, the café has garnered a lot of praise. However, speaking strictly as a college student on a fixed budget, the place might come across as unreasonably expensive. With only a few dishes below the mark of Rs. 200, the place can be heavy on the pocket. Nonetheless, we recommend the Waffle Stand for it made the bill slightly more bearable.

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