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The roast of freedom of expression and a case of perfected conservatism

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So we’re all familiar with what happened to the All India Bakchod Knockout show of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. A lot of us saw the show, laughed, booed, and then calmly shut down our laptops to get back to our work.

But some of us belong to a different species, some of us are the special ones.

Unlike us, instead of going back to the daily routine, they decided to push our society back to a space where freedom of expression doesn’t exist, where you don’t exercise the convenience to speak out your mind. These are the people who increasingly make us realise, that amidst a growing, largely liberal youth population, there exists a bunch of conservatives who seize every opportunity to make us believe otherwise.

Why? I feel, why do they do this? What do they get from it? A sense of power, maybe. A rather obscene form of self glorification that stems from a subconscious satisfaction of making India a better place. By tracing a divine origin of Indian culture and values, they’ve enslaved India in a fixed time and space that treats everything modern and new as opposed to the mythical Indian culture they seek to preserve.

What is obscene? And what is so annoying about the entry of “obscene” language into the public domain? How hard is it to accept that what was hushed up earlier is now slowly finding vents in the public? And what is so bad about it?

Sex. Sex. There, I’ll say it again, sex.

For the love of logic, what is obscene about it? Whether I say it or I don’t, it doesn’t disprove/approve its existence, it merely makes a statement- that my ideologies, and my lifestyle are not to be governed by how you choose it to be. And it really is as simple as that.

The day we get this simple logic right, our society will not be messed up by baseless arguments like these, and then maybe, just maybe, artists can imagine artistic endeavours not tainted with fear. Fear of the illogical Indian, who, in his own stuck up value system, seeks to imprison others in a mythical Utopia that will take us nowhere except back in time and development.

[email protected];I think my life would be much better off if I’d make as much effort in reading books as much as I do in buying them. A bibliophile through and through, I possess a keen interest in the history of art and museums and I believe that walking with oneself is the best form of adventure. On a more random (a.k.a siddhi) note, my dream destination is the Rann of Kuttchh, because I find it oddly displaced in time, an entirely different story, and that’s how I truly want to be.

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