Bazinga: DU Beat to launch a column ‘DUB Ne Bana Di Jodi’ this Valentine’s Day

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Disclaimer: Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost-believable fake news!

With February’s arrival, love has started to fill the air. Going with the festive cheer, DU Beat proudly announces the launch of its new column titled: ‘DUB Ne Bana Di Jodi’. As clear from the name itself, the column will be all about match making among DU Beat’s avid readers.

The weekly column would involve the declaration of a theme on which the interested candidates would be required to send in their views along with personal information, dating preferences (we’re LGBT friendly!) and a photo, the same one that happens to be on their Adhaar cards ( for the sake of uniformity).

The entries shall be evaluated by the hard working DU Beat team on basis of knowledge, writing skills, spontaneity, grammar and wit. The short listed candidates shall be further matched by the team on basis of their expressed views. Once you’re matched with a potential candidate, the date shall be planned at exclusive and utterly romantic locations such as the Lodhi Gardens, Central Park (CP) and Delhi Metro stations on a mutually agreed date and time.

Not only does DU Beat intend to help you find a date, but our talented photographers shall also accompany you to capture each moment for you. Moreover, our dedicated HR team members shall stick along to manage issues during the date and counsel/console the parties in case things don’t work out.

If  the matched couples complete 6 months together, they shall get a golden opportunity to attend the DU Beat weekly meetings. If a couple sticks together for a year, they shall get an option to join the DU Beat team and also win a DVD collection of movies like Alone, Happy New Year, Tevar, Jai Ho and other such path breaking releases to watch together and to deepen their bond.

The topic for this week is: ‘Should Bajrang Dal be useful for once?’ Send in your entries at [email protected] latest by February 12th, 2015. Hope we help find you some love!

Disclaimer: At Bazinga, we’re just kidding; everything’s fair in war and in ‘love’ after all.

Featured image illustrated by: Suhasini Sharma for DU Beat.


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