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Things off campus college students can relate to!

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A lot is often said about colleges from the North and South campuses, even though a majority of colleges in DU are “off campus” colleges. When it boils down to the basics, life at an off campus college is similar to that in North or South Campus, but there are still a few distinct differences. We take a look at a few factors that off campus students will be able to relate to!

You can’t relate to debates between North Campus and South Campus

Whenever people talk about South Campus versus North Campus or discussing whether Satya Niketan is better or Kamla Nagar, you can’t really relate to those discussions. Sure, you might have your preference but it never gets personal for you!

You might have to repeat your college’s name a couple of times while introducing yourself

A lot of people outside Delhi (and even within the city), can name only a few colleges from DU, and these invariably end up being either South or North Campus colleges. When you’re introducing yourself or telling your relatives where you study, you are usually greeted with a polite smile or look of confusion. They might even end up mixing your college’s name with that of another! No Aunty, I said “Deen Dayal” not “Dyal Singh”!

You’ve found a lot of different ways to expand your social circle
Some people firmly believe that being a part of a college with other institutes around it is the best and easiest ways to make new friends. This may or may not be true, but as an off campus student, you’ve found other ways to grow your circle beyond just your college, whether it’s volunteering at an NGO, competing in competitions through your society or joining an organisation on campus!

You find yourself visiting your friends at North Campus and South Campus often

Whenever you make plans with your friends from other colleges, you often find yourself travelling to North or South Campus instead of them visiting your college! To be fair, there probably are more options to hang out at the former.

You’ve made the most of your situation
Whether or not you’d planned on studying in an off campus college, at the end of the day, you’ve made your peace with the negatives (like the commute, in my case) and have appreciated the positive parts, whether it’s a strong faculty or the thrill of making a name for your college. And hey, now you have 5 different retorts whenever you face the presumptuous “North Campus mein admission nahin mila?” question!

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