‘Guaranteed approval for supplementary exams and special chance this semester’: DUSU President, Mohit Nagar

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ABVP recently held a protest in front of the VC’s office for the implementation of special chance, supplementary exam for final year students and AICTE approval for DU’s B.Tech courses. All three were agendas included in the student party’s manifesto while contesting DUSU elections. Now that they have assumed office, DU Beat talks to Mohit Nagar (DUSU President) about their plans for the current semester. The demand for revaluation, also mentioned in the manifesto of current DUSU officeholders, has already been accepted by the University.

Q. The inclusion of the issue of supplementary exams in the protest held on January 21 seems to be an after-effect of the petition filed. Do you agree?

A. We have been working on the matter of supplementary exam ever since we became office bearers. We have resorted to protest now due to lack of response from the University and the urgency of the situation. The timing has only accidentally coincided with that of the petition.

Q. Which are the issues that you can guarantee will be taken care of during the current semester by DUSU?

A. During this particular semester, we can guarantee the achievement of approval for supplementary exams and special chance. Although we are working on other issues as well, these two are the grass root level problems that need to be dealt with immediately. We will expand our plans to more complex issues like hostels and accommodation shortly after these.

Q. One promise that each party makes before DUSU elections year after year but fails to fulfill is that of University special buses. What has been the progress in that area?

A. We are collecting information on the number of ‘U’ Special buses plying as per records and the number actually available on the roads. We plan to assess the requirement of buses as per areas in order to put forward an exact demand in front of the officials.

Q. What about the metro passes ABVP had talked about before the DUSU elections?

A. The issue of concessional pass for students in the Delhi Metro has encountered a roadblock due to certain complications. We will not be able to deliver on it as of now.

Q. A unique point in ABVP’s manifesto was that of a compulsory self defence course in colleges. When can we expect to enjoy the benefit of that?

There are random inspections being conducted in colleges for the safety of girls. We have met our agenda of deploying at least one lady guard at each college’s gate. Furthermore, our investigation has revealed the presence of Women Development Cell (WDC’s) in many colleges although they have been inactive for a long time due to negligence. We have instructed the colleges to make them visible through seminars and workshops. The effect will be seen shortly. We will come to the issue of implementation of the compulsory self-defence course too.

Q. Can you give us a tentative date for any of the other plans?

A. It is currently difficult to give any dates for other plans except the ones mentioned earlier.

Ishani Rajkhowa is a student of Economics Honors at MLNC. She wishes to build a career in Economics while enjoying writing/journalism as a hobby. She believes writing has immense power and has also been a concrete tool in her work for animal welfare to which she is truly devoted since the dawn of her college life. Ishani has diverse interests which includes an inquisitive attitude towards history, politics and she can often be seen engrossed in the TOI app in her phone. She knows the right balance between work, fun and family(including her dogs who are dearest to her).

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