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CIC students present projects at the Undergraduate Research Fair

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  “I’m totally impressed. This is all fabulous work. I wish I were a student all over again. Each participant is lucky to have this opportunity to present his/her ideas and innovate. -Dinesh Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi   From robots to new mobile applications to finance models, the fair had something for everybody. While some some students had devised a questionnaire to rank entrepreneurs effectively, Nikita Garg, a final year student explained how corporate bankruptcy could be predicted using genetic algorithm. Another project titled ‘Real-Time Video Capturing’ claimed to minimize manual intervention in captioning or subtitling a video. Add to it a language translator, and the project enables you to view subtitles in any language without actually compromising on caption translation time. With such diverse research projects, the Fair truly captured ideas from a variety of fields and subjects.   Surbhi Arora [email protected]  ]]>

A Wall Street wannabe, I'm currently in my final year of Economics Honours. I enjoy reading American and Indian poetry, contemporary political fiction and autobiographies. I can be reached at [email protected]. Or you can send me a tweet @soysurbhi

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