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IP College teams up with Jagruti for paper recycling initiative

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The Ecology club at Indraprastha College for Women has been actively engaged in a paper recycling initiative in collaboration with NGO Jagruti. They have already completed the first phase of the initiative successfully.

While the college has been involved in this paper recycling drive by donating the tonnes of paper used/discarded in the office and library in the past, it was only in the last semester that this initiative was conceptualized as a college-wide campaign. As the president of the Ecology Club, Sakoon Prabhakar testifies with zeal, “Before we initiated this drive, the NGO was only taking away used paper from the college library. We really wanted to involve the students to make them conscious about the ‘Rs’ of reuse and recycle which needed to be transformed into real, palpable action.”

Under the campaign, empty cartons are kept at strategic places near and inside the college, where students and teachers dump all the used and unwanted papers. Once the cartons are filled, they are sent to the organization for recycling. Jagruti has, in a one-of-its-kind initiative, started manufacturing custom-made paper stationery out of recycled paper in return for the raw material provided by the college for their recycling plants. They take away used/waste paper (minimum 300 kgs), recycle it and send it to the college in the form of stationery (writing paper and notepads) without charging any money, which makes this a barter exchange. These are then distributed among the college staff.

Ravneet Kaur, the General-Secretary of the Ecology Club gives an update on the success of the initiative, “The first phase was completed in the previous semester itself. The cartons filled up to the brim with huge piles of paper in no time at all. We had an enormously successful first phase. We are on to the second round of collection now.” She attributes the success of the initiative to the fact that it creates real change for the environment on the local level, and sets a good precedent for the activities of the club on the whole. It also lays emphasis on the role of the club as a champion for the cause.

“Soon after its inception, we have been successful in creating an incessant cycle of contributions from students and teachers alike”, adds Prabhakar.

Image credits: Ecology Club, IP college

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