A unique way of ‘Feeding India’

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Ever wondered that a Punjabi wedding could spark an idea in a person’s mind that could make a difference to thousands of lives?

Something like this happened when Ankit Kawatra, an alumnus of Keshav Maha Vidyalaya, University of Delhi attended one big fat Punjabi wedding some two years ago. Witnessing loads of food ranging from over 35 cuisines being served to only a handsome 1,500 invitees, Ankit thought how at least 10,000 unprivileged people could be fed with the same food.

This incident  gave birth to the initiative called – Feeding India.

‘Feeding India’ is a social enterprise working to tackle two rampant and interconnected problems of India, that of food wastage and hunger. This is done by helping the needy to get an access to the excess cooked food from restaurants and caterers in marriages, functions etc.

It is rather ironical as to how in a country where there are infants,aged, young and sick people starving due to lack of food,there is also reckless wastage of food sufficient to feed more than half of such needy population. Feeding India works on this simple ideology. The enterprise works to use the excess luxury of the ‘haves’ to fulfill the basic need of food for the ‘have-nots’ of the society.

Their methodology is very simple – The volunteers of the enterprise collect excess food from bulk food sources. In order to maintain the nutritional value of food, the articles are stored in cold storage houses. The food is later donated to the hungry after undergoing three rigorous levels of quality checking by Feeding India’s expert food technologists.

Through social media, they organize collection drives in corporate houses as well. The enterprise also has an event every Sunday at Raahagiri, Connaught Place, Delhi. Feeding India aims to carry on the good work and also expand their operations throughout the country to bring about a nation-wide impact on these problems.

“It was small operating initiative until 2014. However, the core team decided to take the cause on social media platforms like Facebook which made substantial difference. Currently, the team consists of more than 35 people, both college students as well as working professionals.Leadership for each and every individual working towards this initiative as well as sustainability are the major aims of this initiative.” says Ankit, the mind behind Feeding India.


To be a part of this social revolution, visit here.


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