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DU Beat’s milestones in 2014

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In the past few days we’ve captured the achievements of Delhi University, its students and its faculty members. We’ve shared some memorable moments, and we thought we’d extend the highlights a little further to talk about a few of DU Beat’s milestones this year. We’ve had a lot of good moments and a few truly exciting achievements that made us feel proud and ecstatic. Now that the year has come to an end, we’d love to share these incidents and relive them one last time.

It was a big year for us online!

Largely due to the work and foundation laid down by our team in the session 2013-14, we saw an unprecedented growth in our community online. This was carried forward by the current team and right now, we have more than 1800 Twitter followers (from about 500 initially), 130,000 Facebook followers (we started off the year with about 20,000!), and our page was authenticated by Facebook! We also set up our Instagram account and Youtube channel this year.


We increased our print circulation this year

Ours is a moving target and we’re always looking at printing more copies of our weekly newspaper. We increased our circulation by about 60% and are now distributing in 15 colleges in Delhi University. Here’s hoping we increase those figures even more next year!


Engagements and partnerships with youth brands

This year, we also partnered with various brands for campaigns related to the youth.  MTV Rock the Vote and Satyamev Jayate’s Mumkin Hai were two of our most noteworthy partnerships in 2014.



Interviews with celebrities from various fields

Thanks to the resourcefulness of our team members and a bit of luck, we were able to share some interesting interviews on our platform. This year, we got together for conversations with Aamir Khan, Shashi Tharoor, Kiran Bedi, Kanan Gill, and quite a few Bollywood stars like Sonam Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor. We’re working on doing more video interviews in the future, and improving our interviewing skills too!


Travelling around the country to cover events

Another first for our team, this year, we sent our writers and photographers to colleges across the country to cover major fests. Thanks to the friendly folks at IIT Bombay and BITS Pilani, we were able to share in depth articles on what fests are like in colleges outside of DU. We also got to write about the many laurels won by our University during the same!


Experimenting with competitions and graphics on our platforms

This year, we hosted a lot more competitions than usual, ranging from pop culture based Twitter quizzes to those on our Facebook page. Our graphics capturing various aspects of the student life were also a roaring success, what with the Design team and Editorial team collaborating to come up with some funny and relatable posts! 10556939_677349969008059_1343174817168106768_o


Launching the DU Beat app and Events Calendar

Summer 2014 saw our Android app hit the Google Play Store. We’ve received a good response so far and are tweaking it further to make it more useful and relevant. The events calendar is well on its way to becoming the go- to resource for many students to keep themselves in the know of all DU or students related events around the year. Contributions to the calendar are welcome!


Phew, 2014 sure was eventful! Here’s hoping that 2015 brings with it many more milestones for us as a team, as a newspaper and as a community. Happy new year!

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