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5 ways to make resolutions that stick

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Folks, it is that time of the year again. The final countdown to the year 2015 has begun. However, don’t let the high dose of festivities fool you; because the last few days of the year have other, less frivolous connotations as well, the most well-known among them being New Year’s Resolutions.

Now before you start panicking and drive yourself into a frenzy, stop for a minute, take a deep breath and relax. Our perception of New Year’s Resolutions tends to be one of absolute dread. Why? Mainly because we make resolutions with great initial enthusiasm, but never enact them. Year after year, we make lists and lists to ensure that with each year, we achieve a certain degree of personal progress.  But somehow, we never come down to implementing our mighty plans.

So here is a quick guide to help you make and stick to your resolutions:

1. Review your year
The first and foremost step to making resolutions is carefully analysing your year. You need to start by identifying key events that took place. Understand what went right and what went wrong and reasons for the same. In this way, you are not only focussing your energies, but also streamlining the improvements that you have to make in your life.

2. Make realistic standards
One of the reasons we never come around to taking action is that the goals we set are so far-fetched that they scare us. Here is a simple analogy: An average human being would be less inclined to climb a building with ten storeys than a building with five storeys. Therefore, it is imperative to make humble resolutions that can be attained. It’s good to have high expectations from yourself. But then, these expectations need to be placed within a reasonable time frame. This will ensure a greater resolution realisation rate.

3. Plan for the short term and revise
Short term goals are always better than long term goals. Or rather, it is advisable to make several short term goals within a broader, long term framework. Short term goals are flexible and can be changed to reflect changes in the immediate environment. Making short term resolutions will help you constantly review and revise your plans too. This will help you attain your goals, inspiring you to stick to your resolutions.

4. Work in synergy
Team work is a proven motivator. When you work with and along someone, you get the benefit of synergy. Not only do you feel more positive and enthusiastic about work, but you also feel inspired to strive harder. Therefore, try making and exercising your resolutions with a close companion. Each of you can ensure that the other sticks to his goals and achieves them.

5. Reward yourself
Every time you achieve a particular goal, make sure you check it off your list and reward yourself. It could be something as small as a chocolate, or as big as a dinner treat. But make sure you do something that gives you pleasure. This will increase your sense of satisfaction and will encourage you to work towards other goals on your list of resolutions.
What are you waiting for now, dear friend? Grab a notepad and get jotting! Here is wishing you a fruitful year ahead!

Kriti Sharma
[email protected]

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