Movie review: PK

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After watching the latest collaboration of the famous duo Raj Kumar Hirani and Aamir Khan, three words came to my mind, ‘Oh My God!’. No, I am not expressing my excitement about the movie; I am talking about the Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar starrer film. There was a lot common in between these two movies. Yes the story line and the presentation were very different but the concept was exactly the same: Who is god?

The story is about an alien from an identical ‘gola’ as earth whose spaceship drops him in Rajasthan for unknown reasons and there he loses a remote control which is the only mean of communication back to his planet. In a mission to find this remote, we follow the protagonist (PK: not his original name) on a journey where he tries to understand the human behavior and the rules and norms that operates in this society. Through series of events, PK raises some serious questions related to religion and faith and how we are divided and discriminated on the basis of religious conviction. Enter Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) who successfully leads PK on a journey where not only he becomes a TV celebrity but also gets his remote back from ‘not-so-legit’ baba (Saurabh Shukla).

The movie raises a very serious issue about how we put all our faith on clay made murtis and rather than solving the problems ourselves, we wait for some miracle by god. Yes it is true that in this world of suffering and hardships, putting our trust on a superhuman does give us sense of relief but is it the only solution to our all problems? We are divided by our religion and who we worship, Yes! But aren’t we all the same in the end? The film answers this question with honesty and simplicity.

The first half is brilliant with some funny gags here and there which surely brought the house down. Aamir Khan is an acting ninja and this is safely one of his best performances yet. Saurabh Shukla played the role of antagonist perfectly. Anushka Sharma made her mark in this movie with her exceptional acting skills even after sharing the screen with Aamir Khan. Raju Hirani uses Indo-Pak relations, a bomb blast and media to strengthen the story line.

I admit that I walked into the theater with a lot of expectations after reading impressive tweets and Facebook posts but all in all I wasn’t satisfied in the end because of the sterling resume of Raju Hirani and Aamir Khan. This movie definitely didn’t meet the bar.

Final Verdict: If you are walking into the theater to watch a genius movie like 3 idiots or Munna Bhai, well get ready to be disappointed because this one is not even close . But it is definitely a treat for all Aamir Khan Fans.

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