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Students of SGTB Khalsa caught cheating over Whatsapp, suspects of paper leakage

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During the Biology exam in SGTB Khalsa College on Monday, 8th December 2014, six students were caught cheating, pointing at paper leak possibilities. The Delhi University officials have received the information about the cheating case.

Reportedly, there were two incidents, one in which two students were using unfair means of information inside the examination hall and the other six students were caught with the photographs of the same question paper in their smart phones while the exam was happening.

Malay Neerav, the media coordinator of DU told The Hindu that in the first incident, the students were found to have answers supplied to them by someone from outside. While in the second case, the students who were not even supposed to sit for exams were seen outside the examination hall. When investigated, they were caught with the copies of the question paper in their phones.

Although a no tolerance policy against the caught students has been put forward by Mr. Neerav, there hasn’t been any FIR registered on the case.

“The exam disciplinary committee will take appropriate action against the students who were found cheating inside the examination hall. But the University cannot do anything about the non-examinee students . It is a criminal activity and it is up to the college to hand over the case too an investigating authority.”  Malay told Hindustan Times.

Jaswinder Singh, the college principal has also confirmed the cheating incident.

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