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The Delhi Foodie Checklist

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As rich in culture as it is, Delhi is also a treasure chest of gastronomical jewels. From spicy street food to sophisticated fine dining, Dilli has something to satiate every palate and to please every pocket. Any attempt to compile a comprehensive list of places that serve great food in the National Capital will be hopelessly futile, given that every locality of Delhi has at least one ‘world famous samose wala’ that you will be excitedly dragged to every time you visit somewhere  new. What we have here instead, is a checklist of sorts. A checklist of almost legendary food places that have been around for many years, that every foodie in Delhi must visit! How many of these places have you been to? What other places would you recommend be added? In no particular order,

Khan Chacha, Khan Market:

Khan Chacha has branches all over town, but we recommend you visit the one in Khan Market for the best experience. Even though the original outlet with old world charm has since been closed, the kababs and chicken tikka rolls are as delicious as ever.

Karim’s, near Jama Masjid:

You cannot call yourself a true non- vegetarian foodie unless you’ve been here.  Drenched in history and aromatic spices, this place is a must visit for the mutton barra, seekhs, and for the adventurous, the brain curry.

Wenger’s, Connaught Place:

Arguably the best bakery in Delhi, unarguably the most legendary. Freshly baked and well priced, food at Wenger’s always manages to serve up a smile.

Keventers (now Shake Square), Connaught Place:

Right next to Wenger’s is what used to be the supremely popular milk shake corner, Keventer’s. The name has changed, and unfortunately so has the quality of the shakes. However, do try out the chocolate shake if you’re there in the cool glass bottle that it is so well known for.

Kake Da Hotel:

Congested and visibly unhygienic, KDH has a devoted fan base that will put up with the poor maintenance and long waiting lines for the delicious chicken and mutton curries with a chilled soft drink. Also popular is the keema kaleji. Also check out Anand restaurant tucked in the back alleys of Connaught Place for amazing chicken curry and biryani.

Paranthe wali galli, Chandni Chowk:

The entire lane of fried goodness, with its smells wafting near and far, should definitely be visited even if for the sheer experience of it all.

Natraj Dahi Bhalla Corner, Chandni Chowk:

‘Best dahi bhallas in Delhi.’ Enough said.

Moti Mahal, Daryanganj:

So here’s the thing about this one, it is the original Moti Mahal and claim to have invented butter chicken. Granted, the butter chicken here is phenomenal, but apart from that, it doesn’t really offer much. The Moti Mahal Deluxe chain is often preferred by regulars, what do you have to say?


Saravana Bhavan, Connaught Place:

Famous enough to attract tourists and locals alike and delicious enough to keep them waiting patiently in queue, Sarvana Bhavan serves some of the best vegetarian South Indian thalis.

Andhra Bhavan, Connaught Place:

Popular for its Hyderabadi Dum Biryani which is only available on Sundays, Andhra Bhavan gets very crowded, but is definitely worth the effort. Also worth trying is the South Indian thali and mutton fry.

Bittoo Tikki Wala:

Spread all over Delhi, BTW is many people’s go-to for tikki, raj kachori and the likes.

Delhi Haat, INA/ Yashwant Singh Place:

Which place is your pick for the most scrumptious momos in town?

Gulati, Pandara Road:

Let’s say that if you’re in the mood for some exquisite Mughlai and North Indian, and you don’t mind paying a bit more than you would have had to at other places in this list, head over to Gulati without a second thought.

Al Bake, New Friends Colony:

This place has been the reigning shawarma king for quite a long time now, and for good reason!

Chache Di Hatti, Kamala Nagar/ Bhille Di Hatti, Kamala Nagar/ Baba Nagpal Corner, Lajpat Nagar:

Let the chhole bhature wars begin! Where do you go to satisfy your chhole bhature cravings?

Bombay Bhel Puri, South Extention:

This small but immensely popular bhel puri stand puts all other local bhel puri vendors to shame! Try it out with banta soda from the very next stand.

Art of Spices/ Nizam’s Kathi Kababs:

Let’s have a Battle of the Rolls! Which place in Delhi serves up the most lip smacking rolls?

Indian Coffee House:

No list of ‘legendary’ food places in Delhi would be complete without this rusty old place on the second floor of Mohan Singh Place. Though the insides are completely dilapidated and the food is far from great, sitting in the open air, sipping on the ‘special’ coffee and whiling away hours with the beautiful Lutyen’s architecture in the background is an experience hard to replicate anywhere else!

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