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5 ways to beat procrastination before exams

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The procrastination sword hangs above every head before exams and ends up murdering the marks. No matter how smart a person is, the pleasure of everything else but studies lures one into temporary gratification of wants rather than going for something long-lasting and bigger. Here are 5 ways you can achieve something bigger by stopping procrastination before exams:

1. Make small sacrifices to reach Everest

“That movie is unbelievable, let’s watch”, “Kal se padhenge, today is the last day” and “Naa I’ll study late night”: the satanic verses I utter to everyone including my dog. We all know the world runs on sacrifices of small pleasures to reach the bigger ones. The movie is not going to lose its suspense and romance. No one is going to whisper Homeland spoilers to you while you study. I know it is clichéd, but you must do away with these small pleasures to do well in your exams. You know it better, the amazement you get after scoring well is much better than Sergeant Brody walking scot-free.

2. Remind yourself the importance of one semester

Well, it’s not board exams and you need to score well no matter what in every semester. There are no second chances (there are and you know it’s rather painful).

3. Remember! It’s your own battle, not anyone else’s

Compete against your own self and measure your performance based on what you were yesterday. Your personal achievements and failures are personal and not public. Stop comparing with others, compare with your own self.

4. Focus on quality than on quantity

You know quality ultimately suffers when you try covering up everything in the end. “Bro, I completed everything in two days.” Well this guy ends in disdain on the result day.

5. Less now or more later?

Plan up things and take less stress now or jump into the bed, cry, listen to Lana Del Rey, argue with mom for a month after the exam results. Choice is yours.

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