Bazinga: DU to reduce attendance requirement?

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In a recent application filed by the students to the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, the students of Delhi University have proposed a change in the percentage of attendance required. At present the required attendance is 65-67 percent in most colleges. This overburdens the students and many of them have stated that they cannot maintain such a percentage and study at the same time, especially during exam fever.

An outstation student recently spoke to one of our correspondents and said that too many classes are taken as some of the teachers suddenly decide to postpone and the rearrange the classes one after another. By the end of the day they are dog tired and adherence to regular studies goes for a toss. On being asked if the proposed change is for the good, a DU student said, “Definitely, the pressure on students will be less and academic performance will improve. The will to study decreases if you are forced.” No arguments there.

On being asked for views, one DU teacher said, “It is not only the students who feel overburdened. We have duties too. Tests and taking assignments for internals take up a lot of time. Classes have to be shifted when students cannot make it. A relaxation will be relief for both sides.” But this appears to be an isolated opinion. On being asked the same question, most of the teachers, barring the few amazing exceptions of course, stated that this is an escape from studies. “If students do not even attend lectures it is foolish to think that they will remember too study. Moreover, how are they planning to finish their courses in time? I tell you, nothing good is going to come out this’’ they said.

With such a firm and logical stance against the proposal, one would feel sorry for the students’ brave effort. But students have already come up with an answer to that question. One of the students who went to submit the proposal spoke to one of our writers. She said that the courses will be completed through online lectures uploaded on the University website. The syllabus will first be divided into parts and only some selected lectures (which will be decided by the students) will be uploaded. For the rest of the syllabus, student will attend lectures. However well thought out this radical new proposal may be, the University’s decision will forever seal the fate of the students. Now whether their fate is inside the classroom or outside remains to be seen.

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