Bazinga: After IITs, MHRD instructs DU to have separate veg and non-veg canteens in colleges

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After suggesting IIT’s and IIM’s to run separate messes for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, MHRD has shot a letter to Delhi University instructing it to operate separate canteens for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in each college. The move comes in after MHRD received a letter from a section of the public declaring consumption of meat and adopting western culture to be malpractices.

While the directive is being widely considered as silly, some students of colleges that do not serve non-veg food in canteens are hoping for the same to be served now in a separate canteen. Reactions have started to pour in, with students taking on to social networks to express:

@sunnydeolfan: This is like drawing an LOC. If I have a non-vegetarian friend, I will not be able to enjoy a meal with him. WTH.

@ieatlegs: So.. will my college serve non-veg now? #confused

@krk: Kick to these #2rsppl who think eating non-veg is bad, if this happens I am leaving this country. Launda ho toh non-veg ho warna na ho. And kiss to my fans.

Some students are also dubbing the sequence of events as the incumbent government’s ‘Veg Bharat Abhiyan’. DU is yet to reply to or ratify the order. DUSU office-bearers are expected to meet with the University authorities soon.

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