The Sporting Dilemma

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What comes first – the nation or the individual self? Well, for patriots, it would be the former. But what about the self-satisfying class that we have now become? What about our own needs? What about our own desires and free will, which the constitution of this nation entrusts us with? Here goes the dilemma – what should come first, the country or self?

Such a concern has recently confronted the lawn tennis players of this country and more categorically, the Sports Ministry of India. So here goes the controversy: the ministry was wary of the fact that some senior national tennis players chose ‘other’ tennis tournaments and not those which would have had made them serve India at the International tournaments, like the Asian Games 2014. The reason given by the players was that they needed to ‘revive’ their rankings. Though, this hasn’t been the first controversy as a matter of fact when it comes to players participating in tournaments where they are recognised as not playing for the country but themselves.

If one goes onto find the reason of why such a thing even takes place, the first thing which comes to mind is ‘money’. De facto, the international tournaments such as the Wimbledon and the US open give more as reward money than other tournaments such as the Asian or the Commonwealth games. But is money the only issue? Sometimes it is pride which instigates players to play for such tournaments rather than those which will propose their national identity. Other times, it is being just horns-locked with the government for not providing enough preparation funds.

Whatever may be the case, the whole controversy certainly demoralises the spirits of the nation as a whole. And for the fans in a country like India, one of the more enthusiastic sporting nations of the world, the feeling gets buried deep inside. But what if tomorrow, you are given a chance to represent your nation and at the same time in a private international tournament which gives you a chance to make more money? Which one would you chose? In a dilemma, are you? Such has been the case with the sporting veterans of India as for what to choose, the country or self.

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is a sophomore pursuing Political Science (H) from SGTB Khalsa College. A graduate in Indian Classical Music and a seasoned MUNer, Anchor and Compére, he also has an interest in writing poetry. He has been working as a compére for Athletic Federation of India and is a guest columnist for a multi - state daily. A partisan of astrophysics, he thinks that our perceptions shape our realities and that a reality for one might not be for another. It's a world full of semblance, he believes. Link to his blog on Poetry: brijpahwapoetry.blogspot.in

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