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The Walking Dead Season 5: Of separations and reconciliations

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“When I realized the nature of this season, that it was going to be so brutal, I realised we’re going to need a bigger beard,” said Andrew Lincoln, who plays protagonist Rick Grimes in the AMC horror-drama The Walking Dead, in an interview to EW.

Season 5 is 3 episodes through and it is continuing to keep viewers on the edges of their seats as the lead characters ditch death by fine margins day after day after day. The season begins with Rick, Glenn and Daryl nearly getting murdered by the folks at Terminus before Carol, a character who has since season one proven her worth time and again, blows the ‘sanctuary’ up, enabling the group to escape. Carol, Tyreese, Michone and little Judith are reunited with the group in a touching sequence.

Carol does not stay for long as she and Daryl sight the car he believes was the one that took Beth last season. The duo decides on going behind the vehicle. Some killings, amputations and acts of cannibalism later, Abraham and his friends, along with Glenn and Maggie, leave for Washington D.C. in their quest for the apocalypse’s cure. Daryl returns without Carol, but with an unnamed new character. Popular belief is also that Morgan Jones, the first living man to encounter Rick after his

coma period back in season one, is set to cross paths with Rick sooner than later!

Teasers of episode 4 make clear the reconciliation of Beth with the group, but not so easily. Where did Carol go and who’s the new guy? If you’re wondering, be sure to catch the next episode! We’re also aware of Glenn and Maggie’s bus crashing on their way to D.C. as was revealed by AMC at a Comic Con.

Andrew Lincoln also accidentally blurted out the fate of Rick’s beard, suggesting it would be shaved or cut-off in this season, though later he backtracked. Will you miss the forestation that had become Rick’s pride?

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