Movie Review: Gone Girl

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Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers from the movie Gone Girl!

“This man of mine may truly kill me.”

Gone Girl is a chilling story of a married couple, Amy and Nick, from Missouri. Amy Elliot Dunne was happy in a five year long marriage with Nick Dunne, but he wanted an exit from it. The day he was going to tell this to his wife, she disappeared. What followed was Nick being suspected for the murder of his wife. A vicious circle of lies and proof deepened his already difficult life in Missouri, into that of constant upheavals and disturbances. He was constantly dictated around Amy’s directions from the Anniversary Special Treasure Hunt, even in her absence.

Now, he was sinful with infidelity, and he was an ignorant husband. But, Amy was not the damsel in distress after all. She wasn’t ‘missing’, she was in hiding; hiding to see her husband get penalized with death for the murder of his wife. A carefully planned project by a very clever sociopath-psychologist, Amy Dunne planned her own assault and ran away, waiting to kill herself carefully, so that her corpse be found at the correct time. But, she couldn’t do it, and that is when she involved Desi Collings, her since-high school-smitten-ex. Soon however, she found Nick begging her to come back on national television to put an end to all this. This is when she decides to frame Desi. She first assaulted herself and then slit the unsuspecting Desi’s throat and ran away as a fleeing victim, back to her husband. What’s more she used IVF to keep her husband in the marriage. This dramatic turn of events comes as a startling surprise to the audience.

Coming to the actors, Ben Affleck, contrary to what critics say, has proved again that he is a brilliant actor. Neil Patrick Harris does a spectacular job as Desi Collings, what with his eyes doing the talking! Tyler Perry as the lawyer, Tanner Bolt and Carrie Coon as Margo Dunne, Nick’s twin, were great too. But, I give all my congratulations and applause to Rosamund Pike, who, as Amy Elliot Dunne, was  shocking and impressive, and she pulled it off above my expectations.

The book of the same name, by Gillian Flynn is a must-read! But I’d recommend reading the book before watching the movie. It will scare the brains out of you, and is a skillfully crafted masterpiece. As for the movie, it complements the book as an apt adaptation. Watch it and you will be amazed!

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