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Beyond the cliché: Philosophy Honours  

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While there are general ways of looking at things, not everybody thinks the same way. Popular belief holds that philosophers tend to think differently, unlike most people. Another popular belief holds that a major in Philosophy will be followed by a Masters in Philosophy, eventually taking one to more in-depth study. If you are a Philosophy Honours student planning to pursue your career in Philosophy, it is doubtful that you’ve never pictured yourself in a room, meditating on studies, thinking your brain out and taking the place down with whatever comes within your aura of concentration. Scares you, doesn’t it? Perhaps it scares you even more when you start to doubt that you’ll make it to the top notch in the thinking department. Some may even come to terms with the realization that ‘professional philosopher’ jobs are all but non-existent. Not to worry brethren, there are so many doors open.
Over years of battling with philosophy, one grows to be very inquisitive. Although a degree in Philosophy does not lead directly to many jobs, a Philosophy major is already well trained for research fields. Efficient logical reasoning, critical analysis, open ideas and the ability to put up strong arguments are all the plus points a Philosophy student earns unknowingly from all those toils with the professors.


After a graduate degree in Philosophy, one can also hit the business sector. Keeping in mind all the positive qualities already mentioned, just a little more training will easily lift you up to high places in the professional line, maybe in marketing, retail management or public relations.  If you happen to realize your enthusiasm in journalism a little less soon than others, you’re not too late either. There still are many courses open for you. All you require is to use your already acquired skills smartly.
Besides these, there’s the writing line, publishing, art and the list goes on. A certain saying goes, “In Philosophy, we do not train people to be lawyers, doctors, or business leaders – we train them to be better lawyers, better doctors, better business leaders, and better practitioners in general.” So hold your head high deduce whatever is happening around you and consider all the logical relevancies of the paths laid ahead.


Greta Khawbung

[email protected]

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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