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Halloween in India: Why it might work

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With its population of over one billion, India is quite the giant cauldron of different cultures, customs and traditions and naturally, this means we celebrate a wide array of festivals from across religions. Halloween is one festival that we all have a very vivid idea of, thanks to American TV shows and Hollywood movies. Ask me what a typical Malayali family does on Onam and I might not know, but I definitely know (or think I know) how Halloween is celebrated. From what I do know of Halloween, here’s why I think the concept will work well in India if it were to be an official holiday:

The Diwali festive season gets extended
For many of us, Diwali time is the best time of the year. Since Diwali usually falls a week ahead of or after Halloween, here’s one more excuse to party!

We are a creative people who love to dress up
Once this festival becomes official, I seriously hope the scope of dressing up for Halloween extends beyond the Angels versus Devils or Sexy Nurse themes that seem to prevail in the clubs that host Halloween parties currently. I’d love to see a zombie Indian bride or an armless Thakur seeking revenge.

Trick or treating late in the evening
Though I don’t think many families would let their preteen kids wander door to door for candies after sundown, the concept could work brilliantly under supervision and help rebuild the deteriorating neighborly relations. Plus, we already have the festival of Kanjak in North India, making the concept not so alien.

Carving kaddus
Honestly, who has seen this in a movie and not wanted to give it a try? Not only is carving faces on pumpkins to make decorations a brilliant way to put your creative genius at work, it also works as an outlet of any aggression you may have.

Nobody minds an extra holiday
For those who aren’t too keen on the festive season, Halloween could be just another day you get to sleep in till late!

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