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Semester Exams up ahead: How to ease into the study process

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The Delhi University semester exams for all courses are about to begin. Barely a month or so is left for preparation as the date sheet hails the advent of papers at the end of the coming November.

With our DU lecturers winding up their respective syllabus and holding extra classes, you will start noticing unfamiliar faces visiting libraries now. Important notes are being chased and copied, lectures that were bunked due to various prior engagements are being greatly missed, the number of ‘subject related doubts’ slowly increase to a helpless level; all in all every students will find this month a bit short.

The key to success here is to maintain your cool and study systematically for the coming tests. The idea here is not how many hours you spend burning your eyes in books, but how much can you understand enough to produce on the answer sheet. It’s never ‘how long’ one studies, but ‘how’ they study matters!

The only bunch of students who appear to really enjoy this times of the year, are the ones who have already completed their syllabus twice and are now just revising!

Nevertheless, I am sure that somebody who even starts now from the scratch can do fairly well in the exam with devoting four to five hours daily for a month.

One habit of students that I think does not help in any way for the preparation is the over-consumption of coffee in order to stay awake all night to study. Please understand- getting addicted to coffee will only bless you with sore puffy eyes and nothing else. Coffee actually slows the blood circulation in your body, eventually hampers the oxygen carrying capacity of the vessels to your brain. Too scientific? Eh? But it’s evidently true!

Coffee is harmless if taken twice a day or so. But continuous intake of it every hour to stay wake, is not reasonable in any way. Your mind requires a daily seven hour sleep to be fit and attentive enough to study longer. Taking short power naps is again a very healthy practice during preparations. In this way you will not feel sleepy at night and can continue studying till late as desired.

Start your preparations early and stay cool! Best of luck to fellow DU students!

Surbhi Sharma
[email protected]

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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