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Celebrating the white cane: Save the Quest organizes walk-a-thon for the visually impaired

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  [gallery ids="26989,26991,26993,26994,26992,26990"] The event began from Hindu College with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Volunteers acted as guides and ensured safety as participants walked across North Campus. Ganga and her partner Rajeev, who is visually impaired were one of the early teams to finish the walk-a-thon. For Ganga the experience as she states was ‘extremely frightening in the beginning. “It was made easier by Rajeev who constantly guided me on how to use my cane and depend more on my other senses of sound and touch,” she says. Rajeev, for whom this was a first teaching experience, wishes every person to try and walk around blindfolded at least once a week to reduce the idea of ‘miserability’ in their minds.

People who are visually impaired do not require something very different. They just need the basic services which does not make them feel disabled
Diwakar’s performance at the end of the conclusion of the walk was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd as they indulged in games which required to be blindfolded set up by Save the Quest. On associating with such a cause he says, “ We all should be a part of their lives and appreciate what they have achieved. We should change ourselves for them and they should not have to change for us.” As for the performance he states “It was worth it.” Save the Quest has plans to conduct more such event and at a larger scale in future. “We are planning to organize an Olympic next. In India, it is almost a distant concept. The focus is always on education but for holistic development we need to expand our focus.” adds Saif. Follow Save the Quest on Facebook: Save the Quest]]>

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