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Satyamev Jayate and DU Beat: Mumkin Hai!

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Win a chance to watch this week’s Satyamev Jayate show with Aamir Khan in Delhi! 50 lucky DU Beat readers will get the chance to watch the screening of the latest episode live on 19th October with the host of the show himself! To enter the contest, simply fill in the form given below.
Please note:
*Delhi/NCR residents between the ages of 18-30 years are allowed to participate.
*The contest is open till 12 pm 16th October. Only one entry per person in allowed.
*List of selected winners will be disclosed on our Facebook page at 9:30 pm on 16th October. Details of the event will be then given to the winners.
Update: Here is the list of winners! They will be contacted by our team members tonight and tomorrow morning. To minimise confusion, the email ids given through the form have also been mentioned.
Aakriti Rastogi [email protected]
Aditya [email protected]
Akshat Chopra [email protected]
Anjali Kumar [email protected]
Anshul Garg [email protected]
Anukriti Malik [email protected]
Anuran Khan [email protected]
Anushruti Ganguly [email protected]
Ashish Jain [email protected]
Ashish Raj [email protected]
Bonita Gupta [email protected]
Chanchal Singhal [email protected]
Charumati Haran [email protected]
Devanshi Bhatnagar [email protected]
Garry Pahwa [email protected]
Kanupriya Dhingra [email protected]
Lakshita Gupta [email protected]
Mayank Yadav [email protected]
Megha Yadav [email protected]
Nikhil Bisht [email protected]
Nishchay Mehta [email protected]
Paarth Mitaal [email protected]
Pallav Kumar [email protected]
Pranav Walia [email protected]
Prateek [email protected]
Pratibha Jain [email protected]
Pratiush Vishwantah [email protected]
Purandhya Sharma [email protected]
Raja Bagga [email protected]
Saanvi [email protected]
Saketh Reddy [email protected]
Saksham Pandey [email protected]
Salil Batabyal [email protected]
Saurabh Patel [email protected]
Shambhavi Rai [email protected]
Shruti Ghiya [email protected]
Sonali kalra [email protected]
Sonali singh [email protected]
Srishti Manak [email protected]
Suhani Kumar [email protected]
Supriya Paul [email protected]
Suvrita [email protected]
Swati Chaturvedi [email protected]
Syed Hammad [email protected]
Tenzin Chodon [email protected]
Vandana Kapoor [email protected]
Yuvraj Singh Narang [email protected]
Kartik Mishra [email protected]


Featured image designed by Kartik Lav for DU Beat

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