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Beyond the cliché: English Honours

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According to popular belief, majoring in English leads you towards an M. A. and Ph.D. in English, after which the staple job is of a career in academics, publishing or performing Arts. English Honours is a rigorous course where you are made to cover texts belonging to various periods of literature and their social and historical backgrounds. For most English students who have completed their graduation, it’s hard to relate to avenues that do not involve literature directly. Students of English should be open to a wave of other career options as the course comprises not only of literature related texts but also texts related to political, social and economic opinions.


Search Engine Marketing

This is a growing industry which is suitable for many English majors. This job requires you to use digital media to market products through online advertising and search engine optimization for companies. You don’t need to be a programmer, all you need is a strong analytical ability and creativity in you.


Digital Copywriter

If you’re intelligent, funny and have a way with words then you could opt for digital copy writing. One can do a masters or diploma in creative writing before applying. Creative social media, blog posts, e-books, web promotional ideas and banner advertisement are some of the things you would be working on.



It’s a myth that you need to take a journalism and broadcasting course to get a job as a news reporter or journalist. This industry values people with good writing skills and who are able to analyze and produce quality work. They also expect you to have a strong researching ability. One can do a post-graduation or diploma course in journalism.


Public Relation

Another option after graduating in English is to work in a public relation firm. One needs to write news releases, newsletters and find content to send out to social media companies and writing web copies and brochures. Later on you can get into the strategic side of things where the aim is to help companies shape the public’s perception through media. The government also hires PR writers to work in house in order to keep the public informed about the various governmental activities. A course in Mass Communication or Media and Communication will be a boost to one’s career.


Social Media Manager

As an English major if you have strong communication skills then this job may excite you. Sports teams, brands, government and companies need people to take care of their social media programs and find ways to engage the public and fans.


Brand Manager 

This job involves taking care of the development and promotion of their brands and products. People with a good grasp of the English language and good communication skills are suited well for this job. One has to have an understanding of marketing; an MBA in marketing will definitely help.


Job Sector

Even though a large number of people get into the creative and publishing business after doing English, it can’t be stated as a norm. An English graduate can very well manage a marketing job or get into the corporate sector. Your degree should not hold you back from the vast career choices that are out there for you.



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