LSR introduces Queerosity, a society to understand and explore sexuality

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Lady Shri Ram College has come out with a new society called Queerosity, which will look into the various facets of understanding and exploring sexuality. It aims to address the rigidity in the mind of the people against lesbians, transgenders and gays. The society aims to bring in different questions in its discussion forum and sensitize through  movies and discussions. The main reason for the birth of this society is to question the norm and to simply point out the fact that it’s not ‘cool’ to accept queer. ‘I am cool with accepting that you are a queer but I am straight, so don’t hit on me’- This is one of the ideas which Queerosity wants to impede. The society wants to stop the segregation of these people as one community and enlighten the regressive mindsets.


Even though the society hasn’t yet become an official, it has still started work at its end. A movie screening on ‘Are We so Different?’ a 30 minute film, directed by Lok Prakash and Anurupa Prakash, an eye opener about the gays in Bangladesh, was screened in the college auditorium.  The society also had a presentation at Delhi College of Arts & Commerce for the same.


A rather unique way of awakening curiosity among people in the college campus is through small cue cards put around the college campus which have different questions like, ‘Why was Harry Potter banned in various school libraries?’ Evoking a sense of curiosity, the cards answer the question, the reason being because Dumbeldore was portrayed as a gay character.


The future plans of the society is to collaborate with various other societies in the college like Interface and DramSoc. It wants to reach out to the people who don’t have the environment to talk about such issues. Snigdha, a core team committee member of Queerosity, said,” What we want to basically do is inculcate the feeling of openness and educate them. The basic aim of the society remains to give everyone the space to question issues.”



Ishita Sharma

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