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Amma! My boyfriend’s legs are smoother than mine!

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Q. Hi Amma! This might sound weird, but I don’t know how to deal with this “problem” I’m having with my boyfriend. I don’t want to sound like a prude, headstrong or simply backward-thinking. Now I know guys nowadays have become “ metrosexual ”, and care for their hair and skin and that’s alright with me, but my boyfriend gets waxed. Like, arms and legs and chest.. It’s weird, to be frank. It is a bit odd, knowing that his legs are smoother than mine, and we all know what they say about trusting men with no chest hair. I don’t want him to become Anil Kapoor, but jeez, I like a bit of fuzz on my man.

A. Aha! Caught a smooth one, haven’t you? I totally get what you’re saying. I mean, Velcro won’t work if both the parts are smooth; you NEED that fuzz! Amma likes the downy fun in the right places and prefers it removed from the “other” places since we have clothes now and the “other” places don’t really need the natural protection from climate.
So he likes it clean and you like him fuzzy (sounded a lot better in my head), let’s meet mid-way. Ask him to trim it a little and not to do away with it completely on the chest. And about waxing.. Umm, you must have heard of couple massages, why not try couple waxing? Oh oh oh young machchis! Go to a unisex salon and get your scales removed together, next to each other, or if you want an extra level of utter weirdness and (probably) fun, wax each other! Later you get to take a shower together! Hurrah!

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