In conversation with Aayushi Gupta: University Gold medalist in Shooting and an Economics student at LSR

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Delhi University has always had its fair share of rising sports stars from a variety of fields and Aayushi Gupta, a third year Economics student from Lady Shri Ram College for Women is indeed one of them. Hailing from Agra, this shooter has not only done her college and University proud, but has also proved her mettle at numerous international competitions. She has been on the national team since her first year in college and went on to become the University Gold medalist in shooting this year. She has been consistently winning the Gold at the U.P. State Championships and North Zone Championships for the past 3 years. Earlier this year, she represented India at shooting championships in Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic (where she bagged the Bronze medal). It then comes as no surprise that she’s currently ranked No. 1 in the Juniors category in India in her sport!

DU Beat managed to get in touch with Aayushi to talk about shooting, the support DU extends to its sportspersons and what her targets for the rest of the year are.

Tell us about your journey as a shooter. How did you first get involved in the sport?

My journey as a shooter has been wonderful. The good performances have given me power and much confidence. Even the worst of my performances have taught me a lot and made me better.
I had always been a sportsperson at school, playing all the sports I could. Then one day the shooting range was inaugurated at school. I went to have a look. I had never had a first hand experience at even holding a rifle or the sport before that. The thought of the bullet shot by me hitting that small target 10mts away was what gave me the thrill. I never looked back after that.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment so far was just recently, when I was climbing the podium in Plzen, Czech Republic, and the anchor there said, “The bronze medal goes to Gupta Aayushi, FROM INDIA!”
That was when I had goose bumps. I was so proud that I could do my nation proud.


Who are the people in your life who inspire and encourage you the most?

As a shooter, it’s Ma’am Anjali Bhagwat who inspires me a lot. After that, as a person, it’s my father who encourages and inspires me. That’s where all my strength comes from. He is the person who first told me take up the sport as a career. And then there’s my mother and brother, my coaches, and my school and college friends, my sporting friends who have encouraged me a lot.

Would you say that the University provides all required support to ensure you can give your 100% during competitive events? Is it largely due to the training in college that a lot of shooters from DU end up doing the country proud at events like the Commonwealth Games?

Delhi University does a lot for its sportspersons, supports them and encourages them. It may not be the “all required support” for some, but for me it is all that I require and it definitely means a lot. A lot of shooters I know come from Delhi University and have done the country proud at many international events. Training at college and how a shooter learns from it is very objective; everyone has a different training style, but the kind of support one gets from their college authorities and their teachers is what really matters. And I’m happy that I get that support and encouragement!

What are some of the big goals you have lined up for the rest of the academic session?

I have less than a year left as an undergraduate at Delhi University, and I want to make it count. There are the inter college and inter university events coming up soon, performing to my best is my goal. Improving myself as a shooter is always my next goal. But as target championships, there are University Nationals, Open Nationals and the Asian Championship lined up for now.

Apart from sports, what activities do you enjoy? How do you unwind after a long day of practice?

It’s sports I enjoy the most. But it would be listening to music and dancing that would come next. I love travelling and adventure sports, though I have not got much time for either due to my training and championships. Whenever I get little time in between training sessions and championships and college, I try going back to Agra and be with family and my school friends.

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