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Sex Amma: Perfect Playlist For Your First Time!

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Dear Amma.. My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up, and we plan on losing our V-cards that day. I want to make it really special for both of us. I’m looking for some real good music. I like psychedelic rock and she likes rock n roll. What would be some awesome songs to make sweet love to?

A. Ooh, musical macchhis, aren’t you?! Amma LOVES music. Heaven knows how many times Amma has had the big O because of some good music rather than quite a few useless lovers.

I guess the opening song could be Birthday Sex by Jeremih or In Da Club by 50 Cent, given the occasion. I’m not a big hip-hop fan, and neither do you seem to be, but these are fun songs you could have fun with and play around.

Or if you’re more of a romantic and hip-hop just does NOT serve your business, go for some good old Sinatra. He’s gold. The Way You Look Tonight and Strangers in the Night are pretty awesome and are bound to make her swoon into your arms.

Now coming to the genres you mentioned. Pink Floyd comes to mind, more than anything. The Great Gig in the Sky is absolutely smashing; Comfortably Numb might not suit the scene, because numbness is not what we’re after. Echoes is amazing for some slow seduction, and Wish You Were Here is lovely. Another Amma’s favourites are The Doors, Love Me Two Times, Light My Fire, Hello I Love You; I’m Horny I’m Stoned, Moonlight Drive, and maybe even throw in The End and Riders on the Storm, just for the amazing lyrics and great music.

Rock n Roll,Foxy Lady by Lord Hendrix, Whole Lotta Love by Led Zep, Be My Baby by The Ronettes, Wake Up Little Susie by The Everly Brothers, You Shook My All Night Long by AC/DC, Blue Suede Shoes and Jailhouse Rock by Elvis are great too! And for the end- Come Together by The Beatles, because this song will be dirty as hell, believe or not!

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