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Food Review: Dude Food

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Amidst the ever- raging battle between North and South campus for which place has better food joints, Satya Niketan has upped the ante with Dude Food.

Ambience: With bright, pop- culture inspired interiors and a chill ambience, Dude Food looks every bit like the quintessential college hangout point. The walls are adorned with quirky graffiti and witty posters from Friends and Simpsons (to name a few) and the place is lit with coloured bulbs hanging from the ceiling. They also have quite an interesting music playlist, with hugely popular pop songs and tasteful rock music playing in succession.

Dude Food 2

Menu and Food: The menu at Dude Food is a hotpot of guilt- inducing, diet- demolishing feel- good food. They offer a wide variety of options, ranging from waffles and omelets to paranthas and pizzas. The Veggie Crunch pizza and Creamy Pesto pasta were slightly bland, which was disappointing because the Pesto Pasta had been great on a previous visit. The Dude Chicken parantha was just about satisfactory on its own, but tasted way better when had with pickle and curd. We ordered our Dude Flintstones wrap with bacon, sausages and meat Bolognese and this was inarguably the best main course dish out of the lot that we had tried. From past experiences, I can also vouch for Dude Drunken chicken and the Dude Lamb burger. The Green Apple Brain freeze and Sweet Lime soda were good, but the Caramel Macciato took us by surprise! We decided to be adventurous for dessert, going beyond the (chocolate) foreplay with Dude Fried Mars and stopping just before Dude Candied Bacon. Our opinions on the Dude Fried Mars varied greatly. I, for one, loved the sweet, hot, gooey chocolate mess with ice- cream, though it did get a little overpowering after a few bites. Everything was presented aesthetically with appropriate condiments, and the servings were pretty generous too.

Service: Although our waiter wasn’t very thorough with the menu, and there were some occasional communication gaps, the staff patiently beared with our miserable attempts at singing along with the music. Two thumbs up for that!

Value for Money: Though Satya offers some options for every pocket size, Dude Food is definitely one of the cheaper options for people who want to have a proper meal with an ambience such as theirs. The size of the servings was good enough to fill four stomachs for less than Rs. 1500, including drinks and desserts.



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