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In Conversation with DUSU 2014 Office Bearers 

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Delhi University’s election season has just concluded and the student fraternity has new representatives to look up to. DU Beat talks to the newly elected DUSU team as it gears up for the job.

Mohit Nagar, President, interviewed by Ishaan Gambhir 


Q1. How does it feel to head the union?

A. I feel very responsible. I’ll be answerable if something goes wrong and I’ll take credit for the good we do.

Q2.What are your primary targets?

A. My primary target will be student problems that are ‘zameen se judi huyi’. To name one, I’m aiming at trying to commence evening colleges to address the problem of high cut-offs.

            I’m ready for the responsibility. 

Q.3 Do you think DUSU needs reforms?

A. DUSU performed well last year. We will continue to work on student issues. As far as DUSU representation in decision-making bodies is concerned, we will ensure we get that far.

Q.4 Is it a boon for ABVP to be in DUSU at a time when BJP is at the center?

A. It’s surely a boon. The BJP government has and will continue to pay attention to us, which is necessary as we raise important student issues. A different arrangement could have been problematic.

Q.5 Rent regulation and ‘right to accommodation’ have been hot topics this election season. What can we expect from DUSU in this direction?

A. The issue is in our manifesto. Currently only 2% students of DU live in hostels. We aim at increasing the ratio to at least 10% this year. A strong rent control law is an immediate requirement as landlords continue to charge what they wish. We will coerce the government in this regard.

Ishaan Gambhir [email protected]

Parvesh Malik, Vice-President, interviewed by Isheeta Sharma 

 Q1.How does it feel to not only win but win all four seats after 18 years?

A. For obvious reasons we are extremely happy. The students of the University have put in all their faith and voted for us and for that we thank them.

Q2. What will be your first target now that you are a DUSU office bearer?

A. As far as DUSU goes we are planning to circulate certain forms from college to college urging students to write about their problems, so that we can start working on the mutual problems that students face.

Q3. Do you think DUSU requires any internal reforms? If yes, what?

 I feel DUSU has already received its reform in the form of ABVP winning all seats. Now that we won’t have people from different parties pulling each other’s legs, we would be able to work more efficiently.

Q4. Students hardly know what is going on in DUSU, how do you plan to change that?

The reason students don’t know what is happening in DUSU is because nothing is happening in DUSU. We plan to change that, every month a few DUSU officials will visit different colleges and stay in touch with the student population.

Q5. DUSU hasn’t even received proper representation in the decision making bodies of the University, do you think you can change that?

 There is no point of being elected if we don’t get the power to be a part of decision making process. We will ask for our rights as representatives.

  Isheeta Sharma [email protected]

Kanika Shekhawat, Secretary,  interviewed by Ishita Sharma


Q1.What are your targets as office-bearers of DUSU?

There are a lot of issues we want to tackle. The first being women safety. We plan to start a special Women Development Cell in all colleges. The second issue will be reaching out to non- DUSU colleges so that we can cater to everybody’s needs.  Q2.How do you plan to get DU to the standards of other top universities? First of all, we plan to distribute forms in various colleges in order to know and understand the prevailing problems in various colleges. We also plan to look at the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the faculty and infrastructure. Q3. Looking at the growing attacks on the North-Eastern students, how does DUSU plan to curb this problem?

A. I think such attacks are a serious identity crisis for us. Through seminars, special canteens, especially serving North-East food are some ways we plan to bring the required change.

 Q4. Lastly, a certain film actress’s picture was used in your posters. Can you please tell us the truth behind that?

 I’m being a victim of political gimmick. Everybody knows who I am and I have no purpose of using such pictures. It is against the rules of elections, hence why would I want to get my own ticket cancelled? DU students are not stupid to fall for something like this.

  Ishita Sharma [email protected]

Ashutosh Mathur, Joint Secretary, interviewed by Shaurya Sahai 

Q1. What are the initial targets of DUSU 2014?

 We will try to fulfill the agendas which we mentioned during elections. Our main focus would be on building University Campus across West and East Delhi. Also, we will try to resolve issues regarding residence in the University .  
 I owe my success to the students from dilli dehat who could see a friend in me and thus, supported me.  
Q2.B.Tech courses in the University do not have AICTE approval, yet. So, is ABVP looking forward to seek approval? Yes, of course! In fact, we’ve already sent our team to talk to Smt. Smriti Irani regarding this matter. We assure that nothing will go wrong with those 7,000 students.   Q3.Do you feel that students tend to vote for parties instead of individual candidates? Is it fair? Yes, I think so and I guess it’s fair. See, when one’s name gets attached to any party, it shows the students what one is capable of. Individual candidates do not get much attention unless they are a part of some political group.   Shaurya Sahai [email protected]    ]]>

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