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Reforms needed in DUSU elections from 2015 onwards

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I have been voting for the last two years and have voted this time too. Like every year, there is a discomfort and a sense of uneasiness during the election season. Let me be very honest, I didn’t go out to vote because of any peer pressure or the pressure exerted on me by any candidate or any political party, but in fact I went to vote at my own will or perhaps due to a sense attachment to the University. I will be writing about the incidents and the reasons as to why I call these elections uncomfortable, at least for me. I, on behalf of every DU student, want to mention only three things that need to change from the next DUSU elections.

  • First of all, I think the number of days between the date of elections and the announcement of candidates need to be increased, so that students are well aware of the candidates, their backgrounds and their main agenda. On interviewing a presidential candidate of a premier youth political party, he pointed out that it is practically impossible to campaign in every college during the elections.
  • Why are huge bundles of paper fliers been crushed under my feet every time the election season comes around? Why are my classes disturbed during the elections? And why do I have to shake my hands 100 times with 20 people during a college day? A mere hoarding outside my college gate is enough to make me decide my vote.
  • The educational background of each candidate needs to be checked and verified. Though the educational background of the candidates is duly checked and verified before nominations, there is still some discrepancy in this matter. The recent fake degree and fraudulent admission allegations by one party on the other really made me skeptical about the competency of the candidates.

The whole capital is painted red with the campaigning posters, but sadly, they are only campaigning posters. Thousands of posters with a ballet number on it don’t motivate me to vote. Hopefully, I’ll be spending the next 2-3 years in Delhi University and I’m eagerly waiting to see changes made in the way the elections are conducted. Otherwise, like this year, I will continue to remind everyone, on behalf of all the DU Students, about these few fundamental things that should be taken care of and implemented.

[email protected]; A workaholic second year commerce student and a public speaker, debater and an avid traveller, Abhinav likes calling himself ‘a jack of all trades’. You will always find huge variety of newspapers and journals in his backpack. Being a biking enthusiast, you’ll find him roaming in the NDMC area on weekends, with his camera hung around his neck. He aspires to be a Broadcast Journalist.

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