Gargi College organises Sports Olympiad 2014-15

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The Sports Union of Gargi College organized Gargi Olympiad 2014-15 with the theme as ‘Olympics’ from 21st August to 17th September. The Olympiad included a total of 10 inter stream sports competitions held at the sports ground everyday from 12.25 to 1:25pm.

Gargi Olympiad is an annually organized sports league. Till last year, the Olympiad consisted of major sports competitions like Football, Basketball and many more but this year the Olympiad had events like Pithugram, Vigoro, Dodge Ball, Frisbee, Langadi, Chase-her, Sports-Quiz, Rangoli and Collage Making and Athletics. Opponent teams were selected by drawing chits and each round of the games was for an average of 15mins.

Riya Sinha, Vice-President of Sports Union said “Registrations for all events were invited before hand and the competitions saw huge response from the students, both in terms of participation and volunteering. Our main motive behind orgainising such an event was to give the ‘General’ students chance to bring out their talent and give them the experience of what we have being in the sports teams of the College”.


Image credits: Shaily Sharma

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