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Complaint against DUTA President Nandita Narain

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A complaint has been made against Nandita Narain, the President of Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) by Anula Maurya, the Principal of Kalindi College and C.S. Dubey, the Chairman of School of Open Learning (SOL). Both of them have written to the Principal of St. Stephen College’s, Dr. Valson Thampu; Nandita Narain teaches Mathematics at St. Stephens. The complaint alleges misconduct and misbehavior in Kalindi and SOL.

Nandita Narain visited over 70 colleges regarding the recruitment of ad hoc teachers. However, her visit to Kalindi and SOL purportedly accuses DUTA of taking pictures, manhandling and misbehaving with the staff. DUTA is denying the allegations calling it a means of settle scores with Narain for having campaigned against the FYUP.

“We represent the teaching community and we will keep fighting for the causes we stand for. These complaints will not scare us.” Said Nandita Narain.

“If there is a rebellion, it is for DUTA as an organization. There is no point in complaining against one individual. This directly shows that they want to settle a score against us.” said Harish Khanna, the DUTA Secretary.

DUTA is planning to carry out a peaceful demonstration on September 17 in front of the HRD Ministry and another one at UGC on September 25.


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