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i2A workshop by Connecting Dreams Foundation at SRCC

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Connecting Dreams Foundation established its branch by the name of CDF- SRCC Chapter in Shri Ram College of Commerce this academic session for the first time. 10th and 11TH September , 2014 marked their first i2A (ideation) workshop.


The ideation workshop was a two day workshop attended by all the members of CDF SRCC and was conducted by Mr. Amit Tuteja along with the core team. The main objective of the workshop was to turn the ideas the members came up with into action by analyzing the weak and the strong points along with the feasibility and affordability of their solution providing models. It also aimed at instilling the idea of doing social good through entrepreneurship. The first day saw a variety of stages. The members were divided into 5 groups. Each group came up with rather comical names for their respective teams. A number of different templates were provided, which consisted of brain storming activities involving group discussions , research etc. All these activities were time bound to build up a slight amount of pressure among the members. Apart from intensive thinking and discussions, the i2A workshop also saw execution of some great dramatic skills through the enactment of problems and solutions they came up in the form of short skits. This was followed by a quick session of question and answer round. The most interesting activity was writing the probable solutions to the core problem by each team member . This created a rather competitive atmosphere where the members were seen scribbling endlessly. It saw as many as 130 ideas in a time frame of 15 minutes from one team. A number of inspiring short videos were shown throughout the 2 day workshop which related to these young minds and encouraged them to ideate and give them the focus and encouragement needed to execute those ideas. By the end of the intensive two days , the members were charged up with the thought of being social entrepreneurs and had the will to execute the ideas they had in mind.



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