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The desire to innovate is something that most of us harbor but Anshul Gupta of SRCC held on to his entrepreneurial pursuit to turn his dream into reality. His enterprise ‘Fabence’ emerged from his desire to create something new coupled with the identification of a problem that he faced and wanted to solve.

Fabence aims to empower users by allowing them to shop for products in extremely innovative and new ways by focusing on the daily problems they face. The approach they followed was simple, they identified problems that consumers faced on a daily basis and solved them using data oriented approach underpinned by technology and innovative designs.

Fabence is India’s first personalized fashion discovery engine and shopping assistant. It has introduced many firsts in the market by focusing on personalization underpinned by data oriented approach – offering unique features such as ‘Shop with friends’ that allows users to search and discover products together on one platform, therefore, replicating the whole offline experience online.

Addressing the basic problem of not having a fashion stylist with you 24/7, Fabence has created an in-built fashion stylist, which is an intelligence-based system that suggests clothing and accessories specifically matched to the shopper’s physical attributes (body type and complexion) depending on the shopper’s search preference. The website further enables the user to suggest a product to a friend via Facebook or email, with just the click of a button.

On being asked about the challenges he faced as a college student with respect to his enterprise, Anshul highlighted, “the biggest challenge was convincing myself to take the plunge of starting up. The next major hurdle was assembling the right team that would stand by through the journey.”

The team at Fabence believes that the website will only grow with time and they plan to stimulate this growth in the near future through a well-planned road-map. Check out the website here, www.fabence.com
Or visit the Facebook Page, here.

Featured Image Source: www.fabence.com

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