Movie review: Mary Kom

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Call her “ziddi”, brilliant or a totally insane person Priyanka Chopra is limitless. A film’s worth is measured by what the audience takes away from it and while walking out of the theater, one cannot get over the amount of strenuous physical training Priyanka Chopra must have undergone to portray the 5 time world amateur boxing champion “Magnificent Mary”. Mary Kom is the directorial debut of Omung Kumar and also stars Sunil Thapa and Dharshan Kumar.  The Creative Director of the film is Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

The movie showcases Mary Kom’s journey from a fearless schoolgirl to a boxer, wife, mother and the constant battle between these roles and her love for boxing. With exhaustive training, doggedness, a focused mind  and her “ziddi” behavior, Kom swims through all the struggles and becomes the face of Women’s boxing. The movie also attempts to bring to light the struggle faced by Indian sportsperson’s in a corrupted system, with minimal facilities available.

The Biopic exploits emotions with the mother-son connection giving it a slightly Bollywood masala touch. Another example is when Mary’s father, who is not on speaking terms with Mary cheers for her while watching her getting beaten up in a match on television and all the blessings and cheer seems to be transcended across the country to Mary’s boxing ring, and she of course wins the match with vigour.

The background score floats average, either not in sync with the emotions in the scenes or almost abrupt in its beginning and ends. A thumbs up to Darshan Kumar who plays Kom’s supportive spouse, a character that husbands should look up to. The movie questions the state of sports in India especially for girls, and lives the most important message that “If the government cooperates and supports, every nook and corner of India can have a champion.” The movie wins in making Mary Kom a household name and is definitely a must watch for its inspiration.

PS- Watch out for the GOAL Dialogue.

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