Delhi University Teacher’s Welfare Fund unaccounted for from the past four years

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The Delhi University Teachers’ Welfare Fund was set up by the teachers themselves to help the fellow teachers in urgent financial needs untimely death and medical reimbursements. Although certain revelations have come up recently, stating that the Welfare Fund has been non-operational and unaccounted for the last four years. To make the process properly administered, it is done via the institutions from where a certain amount of money is deducted from the salaries of the teachers. The fund is administered by a collective group of people who are collectively decided.

Earlier, in the competition of the committee called the Teachers’ Welfare Fund Committee, there would be some teacher representative from the DUTA, the elected teacher representative of the executive council, some members from the academic council, some professors and some non-teaching S.O. staff. But speculations state that the governing body is keeping everything secret about the ongoing matter of questioning of the funds.

Expressing deep concern over the matter, Delhi University Teachers’ Association’s president Nandita Narain says, “Everything about Delhi University has changed in the past four years. All representatives are being handpicked.” “The matter came into light when certain teachers who were in some financial distress applied for the funds. First they were told that there is one S.O. in the School of Open Learning to whom they need to submit their application to. DUTA was not made aware in any meeting about the existing place. We are trying to find out what’s going. There was no dialog between the Vice Chancellor, the administration and the DUTA.” She said. “What we heard from a certain teacher was that the fund was not being managed properly, so the S.O. has thrown up his hands because of the big mess. So we asked him to directly approach the VC to account him for the funds and where the money was going.”

DUTA’s white-paper is a document on the large scale mis-governance, financial scams and violation of the rule of law for which the association has documentary evidence. In this case, it consists of 450 pages of the lies which they got to know about this scam. She said that DUTA is currently looking into the matter, “We have put it in out white-paper which is one of the documents regarding the financial scams of this university and we have demanded that the body should have new staff quickly. We have visited honorable presidents Pratibha Patil and Pranab Mukherjee and nothing has been done to restore the peace in this matter. We will fight against this large scale victimization of teachers in this university.”

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