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From the outland caterpillar to the Delhi Butterfly

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A journey of any outstation student at Delhi University is quite similar to the metamorphosis of a butterfly from a caterpillar, developing wings and getting all set to fly high in this big and often bad world. My journey into this ‘Walled City’ began two years ago with a dream to study in the most prestigious university of the country and thus I set on the trajectory to climb the walls of my ambitions by getting admission here. My initial days in Delhi taught me how to fly and explore the multitude opportunities that were yet to unfold upon me and here I am now, a proud and seasoned butterfly studying at Delhi University!

Living away from family, fending for daily provisions and adapting into a totally new atmosphere ,entwined with several hitches, encountered time to time at your college, PG or a hostel makes life of an outstation student here a one-of-a kind story to narrate. Whether it’s an awful meal that you have to force down your throat or a terrible remembrance of mom when you’re sick, life offers a new lesson at every stage when you’re living away from home.

The welcoming conduct of many Delhiites often takes you by surprise while you still go back to memories of school and home but by the time we understand that to live away from home is one sacrifice that we have to endure for a better future, we inculcate the signature ‘Delhiwalla’ traits in our souls. After all, being in DU, studying with people from different background and cultures is an experience in itself.

Though there is no substitute for the place where your roots are which you proudly call ‘home’, living away from parents is a chance to choose your own family, the ones you hope will keep you company on a sick day or a home sick night. To be an outstation student at Delhi University might make you jealous of Delhiites comfortably living with parents and family at first, but you never know how they might be missing the independence and the multitude learnings that you derive by living away from home.

So my message for all outstation students who are embarking on a journey at DU this year-It’s time to break the cocoon, flutter your wings and fly away towards your dreams like a butterfly!

A final year B. Com Hons. student at Delhi College of Arts & Commerce. When asked to describe myself, I simply wonder what static thing to tell about me because I believe life is always a perpetual self exploring journey. I take as gospel the fact that books are written to be treasured, movies and tv series to be revered and entertain and music to be cherished for a blissful course to take delights in our lives. One can contact me at [email protected] or tweet @simply_arushi

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