Hindu College hosts book launch for ‘DU Love’ written by DU students

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On 3rd September, Hindu College hosted a Book Launch session for Vigilante Publications. The event was mainly about releasing their new publication ‘DU Love’. DU Love is an anthology of twenty-four short stories written by the alumni and current students of Delhi University.

Vigilante Publications came up with this competition at the beginning of this year, asking for entries form DU students. DU Love is a collection of love stories fused with other genres written by DU students and set in DU. Among the various entries sent, 24 of them got chosen to be published in this book. The book consists of everything from pining lovers, zombies and ghosts to jealous lovers, robots and aliens.

The event at Hindu saw a vast audience which included the authors, along with the panelists responsible for picking out entries and choosing the best three winners of DU Love cash prizes. The event also saw a discussion on Creative Writing, encouraging the audience to read, write and pen more such stories and creative pieces. While it was clearly mentioned that romance as a genre is over-exhausted, yet it is a vibrant topic nonetheless. Thus, making this idea of fusion of romance with other genres and making a cross-genre story novel was an interesting challenge.

The panelists included the judges and the editor, who lauded the efforts of the writers. A few writers even got the chance to read out special sections and extracts from their stories and gave insights into the motivation and inspiration behind their works. Mr. Shoven Chaudhary, one of the panelists, said “I request the audience to please read these stories and support these budding writers.”  Sami Ahmad Khan, the editor, shared his experience and how much he enjoyed reading each story and editing it. Dr. Nambiar said, “I have not been able to put the book down. It was quite a roller coaster. There was one thing in common though, love articulated for DU and spaces for love that nobody knew existed in DU.” The event ended with the Prize Distribution Ceremony.

The 24 writers are:

Lakshmi Menon , Jayati Das, Aimen Khan, Rosheena Zehra, Adishi Gupta, Anisha Sen, Ayushi Sharma, Abiral Kumar, Somrita Ganguly, Nishtha, Riya Raj, Mohd. Salman, Supriya Chatterjee, Suryanshu Guha, Ariba Usman, Suchi Mahato, Swara Shukla, Shruti Kirti, Joyee Das, Arghya Sengupta, Rishabh Bhardwaj, Parul Dutta, Brahmjeet Singh and Ayesha Sareen.

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